Spiritual Retreats for Married Couples

Tools for doing a retreat as a couple

The most important tool, not just for  the time of a  retreat, but for all our life is the :                    

Daily Examination of Consciousness: A simple way to better your life

One of the most practical way of doing the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises is to do a self-guided retreat in everyday life, for this we offer an online help:

 Step by Step Online Retreat

 A special way of doing this online retreat is to arrange it along the liturgical year of the Church  - that is to meditate during the exercises on the same mysteries of faith that are celebrated at that time also in the liturgy of the Church - see more on the page Calendar  for a retreat.

We believe that husband and wife are in fact real spiritual guides to each other in all aspects of their life and can funtion so during the Spiritual Exercises, too.  So they can successfully do the self-guided retreat even without outside spiritual director or guide (it is very hard to find one). For such self-guided retreat we have written a detailed and complete textbook:

Manual for Married Couples 

 Another type of retreat we offer for married couples is a miniseries on contemplative prayer. This series consists of "five easy pieces" based on methods of prayer of Fr. Armand Nigro S.J. and of Fr. Jean-Yves Leloup - to which we added the bonus piece especially for spouses - all of it to practice together as a couple: Contemplative series



(Picture: the encounter of St Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Virgin Mary)

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