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Spiritual Healing



Spiritual Healing as Awakening

The pneumatic dimension: The presence of God in the human heart and its therapeutic function

            and in German translation:
            Die pneumatische Dimension
            Anfrage zu einer Erweiterung von Frankl's Dimensionalontologie
            (übersetzung:  Dr. Reinhard Zaiser)

Mercy as Healing: “…go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice’” (Mt 9:13)

Jesus as Logotherapist: the "technique of common denominator"

Salvation of the Gentiles - a Christmas meditation

 Jesus as Healer

Right to Life: Healing of Societies


And finally here are some prayers for healing:

God our Father,

We ask you to send down

Your Holy Healing Spirit;

Upon all the sick


Upon all those who care for the sick.

Heal Your people, oh Lord;

Heal all Your people -

Of all their problems and troubles and ills.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Your Son

Through the intercession of all

Your Angels and Saints.

Come Holy Spirit with Your Healing Spirit!


and here is an other prayer suitable to pray for healing of the sick and for those who care for them:

God our God

Our One and Only God

Our God of Mercy

God of Justice

God of Love

God of all Creation

Heal us who are sick

Heal us who heal the sick

Heal us who fail

To be healed

Or to heal

Love us and let us know it

Help us love

And others know it

Give us Faith

Let us Hope

All will be well

As your Saint proclaims

As we believe

As we Trust


A prayer in need when God seems to be hidden:

Oh, God our God;

How can you seem

So far away-

So 'not here'-

So unconcerned?

So uncaring?

But, we know You are present

We know by reason and by faith.

You are our God

Who caused us to be

Who cause us to be


In Your presence


Help us to see

And if not to see, to trust!


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