The Consoler remains with you always

Pentecost is to be lived in Everyday Life

With Pentecost the liturgical season of Easter comes to an end but with every right we can see the feast of the descending of the Holy Spirit is the beginning of the so called "ordinary" time of the liturgical year. This connection seems to indicate a significant truth about the presence and role of the Holy Spirit in our everyday existence. 
While the feast of Pentecost presents us with extraordinary events, the most important role of the Spirit is to be intimately with us "always" (cf. Jn 14:16) as source of strength, consolation, healing and truth, he/she teaches us everything, guides our lives, inspires and fills our desires with inspiration, meaning and newness. The Spirit residing in our innermost being renders the ordinary to become extraordinary, and reveals for us that everyday life coincides with "spiritual" life. Indeed, as we progress, we discover that spiritual life does not mean something separate, an extraneous segment or addition to our everyday existence, but we are called to live everything "in the Spirit" who teaches us everything (cf. Jn 14:26). The most trivial and ordinary tasks become "spiritual exercises"; discernment and prayer are not any more seen as restricted for retreats and special times, but are constant necessities of everyday living.
The Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts and his/her presence permeates all we are and we do not as an extraneous addition but as the most intimate all-encompassing dimension that is the foundation or the center of our being (read in this regard our article "The Pneumatic Dimension"
 ).  This pneumatic dimension is a universal characteristic of all men and women - Christians have the advantage of a reflected and conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit received in an explicit manner through baptism - a relationship that is strengthened through the sacraments (particularly through the confirmation) and by all other ways of a life lived in faith. Doing so we arrive to desire to be moved by the Spirit in all we do so that we might not raise a hand, take a step or utter a word without him/her and so on for every aspect of life.
With the Holy Spirit our everyday life becomes a spiritual journey, an adventure with and toward God; his/her gentle guidance renders us truly free to become what we really are. As a reminder we do begin every day - and every journey even the smallest trips to the store - with a prayer invoking the Holy Spirit (you can get this prayer in our

For celebrating Pentecost, besides the proposed reading on the pneumatic dimension and the Holy Spirit prayer you might want to do a contemplation with the icon of the "Descent of the Holy Spirit"  - and if you wish it while contemplating the picture you can listen to some background music (for example go to  this page - then go to "Music" and there to "Orthodox Music and Chant" and click on "Start - Background Chant")


As additional reading for Pentecost and the following "ordinary" time you may use from our book the

"Contemplation to Attain the Love of God"

This "Contemplation" is placed after the Fourth Phase in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius -

and in our view it serves as a spiritual experience of the Pentecost and a possible form of attaining a new effusion of the Spirit in our daily life