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It is time to speak of God

Posted by marriageretreats on December 15, 2012 at 1:35 PM

A quote from one of Cardinal Walter Kasper's lectures, which I think is very inspiring in the present cultural-spiritual climate:

"It is time to speak of God, to testify and to think about God. If theology wishes to gain a hearing amidst the contemporary pluralist Babel of voices and opinions, it must firstly and above all know what it is. It can only have relevance if it steadfastly maintains its own identity, that is, as speaking of God in a distinctive and at the same time in an engaging manner. If it does not do so, theology and the Church will be relegated to the role of ethical or moral institutions which in the end no-one wants to listen to. If on the other hand it speaks in a new and fresh way of the living God who is love, then it will render a service to life, freedom, justice, solidarity and love, then it can serve the dignity of humanity and the truth of reality, and open up perspectives of hope in all the aporia of the present. " 

Read the text of the entire lecture entitled  "The Timeliness of Speaking of God -Freedom and Communion as Basic Concepts of Theology" (March 2, 2010)  or watch its video on the following web site : http://www.aquinas.emory.edu/kasper.html

Especially important what he says about the theology of the Trinity, of the 'God of Jesus Christ'.

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Reply Jo
2:36 PM on December 21, 2012 
The Existence of God
I distinctly remember the first time that I realized that God existed. Funny enough it was in high school. One day, maybe getting ready to go over to dinner ? we were in a group of some sort, the question of the existence of God came up, somehow. I remember A saying (I will just use initials) that if we had read Darwin like he had, we would know God didn?t exist. (Now I and most of us considered A or S to be the smartest ). What A said, mattered. I asked what Darwin wrote and was given a short summary of the ?Origin of Species? that I suppose I had never heard of. I decided then that I would have to read this (never did but I looked at the book).
About then I looked up and saw the moon ? I think it was the moon but might have been the sun on a cloudy evening? - and I felt I knew that God existed and that I felt love from and for the moon(or sun). Then on second thought, I realized I shouldn?t worship the moon (or sun) although I felt an urge to do so. That sure got me wondering.
I?m not sure how this fits in with St. Francis and his talk about brother sun and sister moon but I know he used such language and had a love for all creation. Could this be somehow like what I experienced? Not sure, but it may have been a sort of intuition that we are in communion with all that exists and has being, plus an intuition that all that is that we know had to come to be - including myself.