The Problem of Evil

God is and is is beauty.

We cannot come

close to thinking or imagining any of this

but by analogy we have hints only.

What is is beautiful.

What is becoming is beauty unfolding.

What God wills is

beauty unfolding and it is God's will.

To be like unto

God is to be beauty unfolding and to will beauty


To have a will means that one might also

not will it.

God created one who willed it not.

God created one who willed it not,

knowing that the one

would will it not,

because beauty was created in

creating one who could or could not will it not.

Thus, was evil. Not a creation of God, but a consequence of God's sharing a life of creating beauty with one who chose not to share. So, God knew evil would? Yes, but as Scripture says, "God brings good out of evil." The darkness cannot overcome the light. We cannot know how the works of Satan add to the glory of beauty, but evidently they do. As do our works of infamy. This is a great mystery. It is also a parable for us; our best efforts might fail. Or, seemingly so. Only, they will come to light. This is a matter of faith, of course. And, of hope, with assurance by faith. No more can we do than place our will, our choices, into the hands of the loving God.

And know that all will be well.